About Us

For over 60 years the Maglio family has built a reputation founded on the priceless tradition, heritage and pride. It is with this passion the Maglio family provides quality products, competitive pricing and an uncompromising integrity to provide value each and every time a Maglio product is brought to market. With recipes that have been handed down for nearly three generations, the Maglio family assists its customers consistently in the products taste and in the presentation.

Performance Built on Heritage & Family Values
Our first priority is with product “Quality and Freshness.” Maglio Fresh Foods’ products are produced to time-proven specifications. Our family members monitor our quality production, our customers drive our reputation. This is why we are proud to display the Maglio name.
A tradition of Italy in every bite…
and a promise of profitability in every package

Maglio’s continues their tradition, which was built over 60 years ago, to meet ever-growing demand for their products. The product line has been developed, selected and packaged to allow the retail food service operator to become more efficient in the order/delivery cycle and subsequently become more profitable. Maglio now provides state of the art “Case Ready” sausage product with extended shelf life that require substantially less in-house labor in handling and merchandising. This “product to package” expertise has allowed Maglio to expand their products through national distribution.